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Basic Information On Rebetol

Rebetol is an anti-viral drug. It is used in the treatment of chronic hepatitis-C (CHC). It is used in a combination therapy with interferon alfa-2b drugs (that is pegylated or non-pegylated). It is also used in the treatment of several other viral infections. The precise mechanism of action of the drug is not known yet. However, it is a prodrug. It gets metabolized and converted and becomes similar to the purine RNA nucleotide. Thus, it acts by interfering with the metabolism of RNA which is necessary for the replication of the virus. The drug also has its effect on DNAs of several viruses. However, its mode of action is not known. The drug improves the host’s immunity against viruses, mediated through the T-cells. Brand or generic Rebetol is not recommended for administration in patients less than 3 years of age.

Precautions / Side Effects For Rebetol

Common side effects that you may experience with Rebetol are muscle pain, headache, weight loss, dry mouth, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, stomach pain, feeling tired, irritable, mood changes, anxiety, swelling, pain and irritation at the site of injection. Seek medical assistance if you experience or observe any signs of allergic reactions such as hives, swelling of the throat, tongue, lips or face and hives. Inform your physician if you are allergic to any of the components of Ribavirin.

Serious side effects of brand or generic Rebetol may include flu-like symptoms, body pain, fever, chills, problem with vision, nausea, vomiting, severe pain in the stomach (especially upper part that spreads towards the back), faster heart rate, chest pain, stabbing chest-pain, heavy feeling in the chest, sweating, pain that spreads to the arms or shoulders, wheezing, shortness of breath, yellowish or pale skin, easy bruising, easy bleeding, dark colored urine and unusual weakness. Other side effects of the Ribavirin are hallucination, severe depression, confusion, suicidal thoughts or hurting one’s self.

Rebetol Dosage

In a combination therapy with Pegintron the recommended dose of Rebetol is 15 mg/kg/day for patients with body weight 73 kg. In re-treatment with Intron A the recommended oral dose of Rebetol drug is 2X200 mg capsules-AM and 3X200 mg capsules-PM for body weight 75kg it is 3X200mg capsules-AM and PM. In pediatric patients 15 mg/kg/day dosage is recommended orally in divided doses (AM and PM).

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